Introduction to &Mimo

Welcome, Blessed Beings!
I am Mary Combs, aka Mimo.
(for an explanation of the name 'Ampersand Mimo', see "About Us")

If you have found this page, it is likely you have questions about how to proceed during these strange and powerful times.

You may be asking:

What are my unique gifts? What was I born to do? Is there a Soul Mate for me? Am I on the right track?


My mission through offering Intuitive Card Readings is to provide clarity in the discernment of 
your unique Life challenges, decisions, awakening interests, romantic opportunities and sacred path blueprints.
The Cards I use offer messages from your Divine Guides and Your Higher Self uniquely suited to you to address the immediate questions that are coming up in your life. The Cards never fail to amaze me and to provide awesome perspective into what is and what is possible.
Take advantage of the current discounted prices and book your reading today. 
It is an honor for me to participate in the unfolding of your unique and unparalleled journey!

Mimo / Mary