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'Ampersand Mimo' or &Mimo Explanation:
Mom & Me

Mimo was the nickname given to me by my late Mother, Margaret Ann Love Combs (12/31/1926-12/1/2019), the First Member of the Mary Ellen Combs Booster Club. When she passed away suddenly, I opted to use this name as a reminder that she continues to support me to live at my Best from the Beyond. For the purposes of this website and my Intuitive Card Readings,”Mimo” represents the Highest Iteration of my Inner Being being called forth.

“Ampersand” is a nod to the Energies of Deep and Profound Mystery that are added when we work together for empowerment. When I work with clients, the “ampersand” reminds us we are inhabiting a sacred space and interacting within the multi dimensional presence of our Creator/Source, our Guides, Angels and Highest Selves. 

If you have arrived to these pages, energetic - often synchronistic - forces have aligned in such a way that we can assist each other in reaching toward our higher potential. I believe  that in my helping you, you help me to reach for my highest possible expression of myself.
This website also supports my upcoming book, Soul of a Samurai a book series where three American teenagers invoke their unique spiritual gifts to meet a real 16th Century Samurai, and their lives are changed forever. Go to www.marycombs.com to download a chapter and sign up for updates.
This book celebrates all things mystical, including each individual discovering their own ascendent spiritual gifts while delving into the amazingly exotic and fascinating symbols and myths from historical Japan.
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Thanks for the privilege of sharing this profound and meaningful journey together! 
Love and Light and Many Blessings!!
&Mimo / Mary