25 Things I Love About Skateboarding

My three sons are all skateboard enthusiasts but by participating, they have also tapped into a singular world / culture / ethic all its own: Skaters and Skateparks. The Anthropologist in me loves this. However, the Public Advocate in me has a pet peeve: in our county, every shopping center and town center nearby strictly prohibits skateboards. So - by way of promotion for the sport, here is a list of 25 things I love about Skateboards and Skateboarding in general. Enjoy (and add your own, please!):
1. How the boys learned to use the tools and put together the skateboard themselves
2. How they want to research, test, and 'build it out' with the 'best' parts
3. How, at any skatepark, the kids show respect up & down ages irregardless of skill
4. How skateparks allow for all levels to participate and practice
5. How everyone at the skatepark applauds when a skater nails a move
6. How my (generally impatient) son works on a move till he gets it (once took 3 weeks!)
7. How considerate they are of taking turns in the skatepark - people rarely collide!
8. How at the skatepark, they can work their way up to scary challenges
9. How they research on YouTube and watch pros to learn tricks
10. How it takes them outside for long periods (away from TV and video games)
11. How it builds their physical strength and stamina
12. And confidence
13. How it is the closest thing we have to a ''60's counter culture"
14. How any age can do it
15. How they film themselves & each other and post on Instagram or Facebook
16. How they turn any empty parking lot or deserted stairway into a playground
17. How they build props if they don't have them - a ledge, a half or quarter pipe ramp
18. How they memorize a 'library' of tricks, how hard they are and how to do them
19. And know who invented them
20. How they play the hand and video skate games almost as well as the actual
21. How a young kid can beat an older kid at SKATE
22. How ethnic diversity is the norm at the skate park
23. How all economic classes can participate - don't have to be a rich kid to do it
24. How one can use a board for easy & quick transportation too
25. How we have found skateparks and relate to skaters all over the world.

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