"&Mimo"- A Loving Tribute to Mom

People have asked where the name "Ampersand Mimo" originated. This is my story.

'Mimo' was the nickname given to me as a child by my late Mother, Margaret Ann Love Combs (12/31/1926-12/1/2019). She was the Founding Member of the Mary Ellen Combs Booster Club. When Mom (or "Mudge" as my children called her)  passed away suddenly last year, I opted to use this name as a reminder that she continues to support me to live at my Best from the Eternal Beyond. For the purposes of this website and my Intuitive Card Readings,”Mimo” represents the Highest Iteration of my Inner Being being called forth to preside.

Like "Hashtag", the '&' was an unused icon just asking to be redefined. For me, “Ampersand” holds a space open for the Deep and Profound Mystery, that which Is added when we work together for our own empowerment.

When I work with clients doing a Reading, the “Ampersand” reminds us we are inhabiting a sacred space and benefit from the interaction with the multi- dimensional presence of our Creator/Source, our Guides, Angels and Eternal Selves. 

Here's to my Mom: thanks for always thinking the best of me and loving me unconditionally, Mom. You set the standard that I strive to meet every day.

Love you. Miss you forever. 

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